His correct conformation, elevated movement and superb temperament is very evident in all his offspring and so impressive are his progeny that they have received Gold Premium status at the Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar International assessment overseas.

"His size and breeding gives us lots of options and he has covered many different types of mares.  He can go over warmbloods, thoroughbreds, small or large ponies to breed up or down in size..

We are thrilled at the interest that we have had for semen from overseas. 
Breeders value the strength of his pedigree and movement which compares very favorably to an international quality warmblood - just two hands smaller!

Gala Night will definitely have further success as a performance pony and as a sire of future stars

stallion will
be one of the
of the future
he goes he
turns heads!
Weston Mirage
Syon Splendour
British Riding Pony
Weston model
Riding Pony
Gala Reign
Bonne Nuit
Glenfield Cottage Whisper British Riding Pony
Rosevean Serenity British Riding Pony
Rotherwood Acrobat  Riding Pony
Keston Minetta British Riding Pony
Gala Crest Thoroughbred
Ella Thoroughbred
Top Star  Thoroughbred
Grey Carbon Thoroughbred
The proof of a stallion is not what he can only win but what he can produce

and Gala Night has certainly exceeded all our expectations in producing exceptional offspring not only with the pony mares but covering the TB mares as well.

All his progeny have exquisite looks his correct conformation, breath taking movement and his superb temperament

Aspen Way Gala Night takes on the World!

Written by Berni Saunders Thursday, 27 May 2010 21:25

Dressage and Jumping with the Stars is always an exciting time, where new equine faces are introduced to the greater equestrian community and the stars of the future are born.  At the 2010 event I enjoyed Ulf Moeller’s Masterclass very much and was most impressed that he chose to work with a truly outstanding dressage pony - Aspen Way Gala Night.

This stunning black pony stallion is the type that I saw in Germany in 2006 when at WEG, so I figured that he was an import.  I then did some research and was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was bred in Australia by Debbie McKay from Aspen Way Stud in Yea, Victoria and is now working with a dedicated dressage career in mind with one of our best - Maree Tomkinson, from the Hidden Valley Equestrian Centre in Wallan.

Pony Dressage has come a long way very quickly and with beautiful ponies like Gala Night set to improve the Australian gene pool, we will not be behind the Europeans for long.

Feature article on Cyberhorse click here to read full article

With the huge interest in pony dressage it is great to see an Australian bred pony really kicking some goals.
Aspen Way Gala Night is a clever mix of pony blood from his sire Weston Mirage combined with the proven qualities of the Australian Thoroughbred, through a line that goes back to the outstanding Gala Crest.  The mare is herself a fantastic mover (as many thoroughbreds are) and gives the active paces, soundness and athleticism that are so important in a dressage partner. 
Aspen Way Gala Night - Holds his own Against the Horses
Written by Berni Saunders Tuesday, 12 October 2010 16:58
Click on Photo above
for video Of Gala Night
Saddleworld Dressage Festival 2010 - Ponies Shine

What a sensational result with Gala Night winning Both the Novice tests and winning the Championship on the Friday and then backing it up on the Saturday by winning the Elementary Championship as well

Over the weekend he just went from strength to strength putting together some beautiful tests against some very nice and talented ponies and riders, a huge thankyou to Maree for doing such a sensational job with him and to her team at Hidden Valley for his immaculate presentation he looked an absolute picture

At the end of a long weekend  Eva from 4 Aces donated a service contract to the European Riding Pony, Power Boy, Valued at $1900.00 
to the top scoring pony for the whole of the competition and this was also won
by Gala night, thank you so much 4Aces for this very generous prize

The Love of horses... A Photographic Celebration
Registered  Riding Pony Studbook, Australian Saddle Pony, British Riding Pony, American Sports Pony
                  Black/Brown 14.13/8    2003      ACE Approved Premier Stallion
Photo Berni Saunders Cyberhorse
Ace Assessment tour 2011

Gala Night was assessed by Mr Gerd Kust who has been involved with the Holsteiner Verband and ZDFP for the past 10 years.
The results from Gala Nights assessment were outstanding scoring 82% for both Conformation and Ridden Movement
He scored a massive 9 for temperament 9 for obedience and 8.5 for Over all type
The comments from Gerd on Gala Night were
Great Type!
with good neck, shoulder and topline, an elastic canter
and very well trained under saddle

Gala Night is the top scoring Pony Stallion of the tour and the only Premier assessed stallion
He now joins a very small number of the country's best assessed stallions in the
Premier division of the ASPR.

Full article on the Ace Assessment for ponies on Cyberhorse here

Photo Berni Saunders Cyberhorse
He stands as proof positive that  “good things come in small packages”!

Aspen Way Gala Night's 2010 Royal Melbourne Horse Show results

1st and Reserve Champion led and ridden Saddle Pony
1st and Reserve Champion Riding Pony
1st Led Open Breeds Stallion and Champion Led Male
Supreme Led Open Breeds
1st ridden open stallion and Champion ridden Open Breeds

This was Gala night's first time show under saddle with amazing results
beating some of the best Saddle horses in the Country

Royal Adelaide Show 2009

Aspen Way Gala Night took all before him winning
Champion Galloway Entire
Champion Aust Saddle Pony Stallion or Colt and then went on to be sashed Supreme Champion Aust Saddle Pony

2009 Royal Melbourne Horse Show

1st and  Reserve Champion Riding Pony
1st and  Champion Saddle Pony

2008 Royal Melbourne Horse Show

1st and  Res Champion Saddle Pony
1st and  Champion Open Breeds stallion

Photo Julie wilson
He made his Dressage debut in spectacular form, winning the novice section with scores up to 78%

At the 2010 Sadleworld Dressage Festival he asserted his dominance in the Dressage Arena winning both the Novice and Elementary Championships

And again reigned Champion at the Saddleworld Dressage festival in 2011 winning the Medium Championship, placing 1st from all 4 international judges.

Gala Night is the current 2010
Novice and Elementary
Victorian Dressage Champion
And the 2011 Medium Dressage Champion

One of his dressage career highlights was being chosen to take part in Dr Ulf Moeller's Masterclass at Dressage With The Stars 2010 and he received flattering words of congratulations and praise from the international judges

Aspen Way Gala Night is trained and campaigned by successful dressage rider Maree Tomkinson at Hidden Valley in Victoria. Maree is training him progressively and in accordance with the German Training Scale

He joins a very small number of the country’s best assessed stallions in the
Premier division of the ASPR.
with scores of 82%
Stallion Showcase Sydney CDI3* 2011

Aspen Way Gala Night is a stunning Riding Pony and a perfect example of the modern Dressage Pony.
His Correct conformation, magnificent movement and power shows that you don't have to be 17 hands high to have international movement and expression,
Showring Superstar
Dressage Superstar
Photo Main Event Photography

Gala Night was undefeted in the Dressage Arena in 2011
Gala Night was showcased at the Sydney CDI 3* on Saturday night
in the Stallion Show.
He performed perfect in the electrifying atmosphere and put on a super show.
Beautifully ridden by  Maree Tomkinson, “Tommee” opened some eyes and set aside any notions that ponies cannot move as well as the big horses do.

He really rose to the occasion and we were enormously proud of him!”

2011 Saddleworld Dressage Festival

Gala Night remains undefeated after a spectacular result on the weekend, winning both the medium tests and the Championship.

He was placed first by all 4 international judges and received some great comments.

He really is a sensational horse and just keeps getting better and better.

Aspen Way Gala Night's 2015 Royal Melbourne Horse Show results

Reserve Champion led Australian Saddle Pony
Champion Ridden Australian Saddle Pony
1st Led Open Breeds Stallion and Champion Led Male
1st ridden open stallion and Champion ridden Open Breeds